The second day on the heavenly island

But is it really a heaven ?

Zach, I may not like you live on that. It links too much to material and consumption; it is also strongly americanized that most people do not eat healthily.

The second day we took bus to Waikiki beach. It was quite touristy: hotels were everywhere, nicely dressed tourists walked around, they lied on the beach to get high dose of carcinogenic UV light, stalls charged expensively on snorkel and surf-board rentals, waiters from hotels went to the beaches to serve customers lying on the beach-seats, restaurants on the ground floor of hotels facing the beaches served junk food like hot-dogs, pizzas and hamburgers.We walked along the beach to see people having their style of vacation, and got bored easily. The only scene that attracted us was the sea tortoises floating on the coast side. As commercial and populated as it is, the tourist spot is still survivable for wildlife. It is a comfort to us.

We then went to the traditional downtown and the chinatown, where the immigrants first settled and loaded stories and history of them. The aboriginal people compromised their lifestyle to the immigrants and became marginalized and minorized. As expected the mainland Chinese are conquering the chinatown, although we still overheard some Cantonese conversations.

We went out till dark and it was raining, thus had a splash by dining in a Japanese restaurant opened by Japanese immigrants. It has been here for 20 years. When honey had a chance practicing her Japanese, we had sushi that we dared not to in Hong-Kong and even Japan because of the nuclear incident. The fishes used were caught locally instead of imported from the spoiled land. Honey reluctantly avoided the sushi and ordered grilled butterfish. It is a local fish, tasted oily. She mistook it as butterfly fish that made her feel a bit weird. Only later when we had frozen yogurt did we found out that we had not eaten the more beautiful fish.

Going home late we did not know that Puna our host made us some laulau and poi. Many thanks to her we had special lunch in a secret concert next day.

A tourist day on the heaven island, it is not so bad as we imagined, if not count the food. Zach, how did you like it ?