Dear Zach

Again, thank you for coming to the world and welcome.

The warm womb shelters you from the chaos of the world. In the first few months of pregnancy we were still on the road. We visited the Romanian forest, ate the fresh mushroom there, met the Dracula, soaked in the Bulgarian hotsprings, enjoyed the breeze of Black Sea, bathed in Georgian sun on mountains, drank their wine, froze in Armenian's snow. We did many things that the anxious parents in Hong Kong avoid doing during pregnancy. We assum that you have all the reasons not to see the real world from your eyes and go back to heaven. You choose not to but to stay with us. You show us that you are brave. God makes you so brave and you learn from Jesus.

We had thought about giving birth in Hong Kong, but how it is now spoiled by the so-called "communist" makes us lose faith of the people there. Wishing that you will see good people and the great nature in the first encounter, we bring you to Hawaii. There are the cetaceans for you to reconnect with.

Giving birth in Hong Kong means that you will be treated as a screw in a social machine which is less developed and humane. We hope you can understand our arrangement, which is not common at home and it may involve some risks. There could be complications in birth; your post-natal time may not be comfortable as we haven't found a stable place yet.  We also confess to you that this arrangement originates from our adventurousness. There may not be enough consideration. However too much consideration also means over-anxiety. Many parents in Hong Kong are like that. They do not realize that no one can have perfect certainty of no-wrong in birth. It is also the reason that makes birth and life such a miracle.

Your miracle also involves a spiritual community respecting the nature and healthy lifestyle. It reconnects to the pulse of nature and the cetaceans. They are the intelligent being whom human owe a lot to because of ignorance and exclusivity. Please accept us for making this decision for you, but we are sure that you may feel our pulse in the womb when we feel the calling from the cetaceans and the nature and the ocean there.

God has been opening doors for us in the process. We have been seeing good souls helping us, keeping faith that God's creation and plan are the best for you and us.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


your crazy mom and dad

PS  Thanks to Auntie Ally, we know more songs from people friendly to cetaceans. Enjoy.